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Marks, originally a second-round selection by the Tennessee Titans in the 2009 Draft, signed with the Jaguars as an unrestricted free agent in 2013. That was General Manager David Caldwell’s first offseason with the Jaguars, and Marks was one of the team’s most successful free-agent signings that offseason.

The Texans rid themselves of a player who will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in the history of nfl free agency, all while freeing up salary-cap space and adding to their cash budget. Yes, they had to cough up draft picks to do it, but that is probably a better outcome than keeping him in their locker room.

If the took on Osweiler’s contract thinking he’s the answer to their quarterback problems, they’re out of their minds. If they did it because they had the money and really wanted another draft pick, they’re still not thinking straight. A second-round pick is not worth that kind of cash, especially when you’re also giving up a nfl jerseys

This is the first step in Philadelphia giving second-year QB legitimate difference-making offensive skill players. Jeffery, as a $14 million go-to guy, is the No. 1 outside receiver the have been lacking. He can go up and get everything everywhere on the field. Smith, who was miscast in San Francisco, is now in a more comfortable role as a pure deep threat against single, lesser corner coverage.

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As we noted earlier this week, the Jacksonville Jaguars wrote 28 contracts worth an NFL-high $488 million during the past three free-agent markets. With only 11 wins to show for it, cheap nfl jerseys and having already jettisoned a majority of the players they signed over that period, they were the classic example of a team focused more on paper improvement than actual team-building.

The champs made some major moves, taking advantage of some serious salary cap space. We already know those moves will likely pan out, barring a trip into the bizarro world.

The Browns were never going to spend the money they had under the cap anyway, but why? There are plenty of talented players out there, and even if you can’t justify spending $100 million on overpriced second- or third-tier free agents, you can carry over as much cap space as you’d like.